Italian Keratin Glue Granules

Italian Keratin Glue Granules, Strips and Rolls at low prices

100% Genuine Italian Keratin Glue For Hair Extensions

Transparent and Colored Italian Keratin Grains are Extra Strong and the highest quality!

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Transparent and colored Italian Keratin Glue Granules Beads and Powder for Pre-bonded Hair Extensions. Discounts for large quantities.


Most durable keratin glue on the market to use for hair extension installation or rebonding old hair extension strands. This keratin is 100% genuine Italian and will last many more months. The clear keratin will suit any color of hair extension. This keratin is easy to melt using a hair extension heat fusion iron/connector or melting pot. This quality of keratin will not damage hair and will not disintegrate rapidly when washing hair, swimming, or during general use. This Italian keratin glue is the strongest, Non-Slip hair extension glue available.

Italian Keratin

Our Italian keratin is 100% suitable for heat fusion

Best Quality on the market – We guarantee that!

We provide the best quality Italian keratin to our customers and partners. We work with you, not for you.

Italian Keratin glue is the hardest, most durable glue available on the market. It is resistant to high temperatures and will not soften when wet. Italian Keratin can be used with stick/I-Tip, Nail/U-Tip, V-Tip, Flat-Tip hair extensions. Keratin glue is applied using a hair extension hot fusion connector or heat glue pot.

Removed easily with a hair extension remover, use to bond strands of raw human hair or synthetic hair.

100% Genuine Quality Italian Keratin is extra strong hold clear glue / Keratin grains with the highest quality, will not slip if applied properly, and can last up to 6 months. Made in Italy, once you experience genuine Italian bonding glue you will know the difference.